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We are suppliers two main types of baling wire which are pre cut and looped which comes in either black annealed or galvanised wire and rewound coils, our baling twine and baling tape in various formats and lengths, this can be from a light duty multi standard twine, 4 or 6 ply poly twine either as a standard centre feed or rewound coils dependent on the application required, our baling tape which comes in 9, 13, 16 and 19mm widths and last but not least our compactor sacks which are designed to fit Orwak, Tony Team, Bergmann and Kenbay compactors.

All are available in varying quantities and thicknesses dependent on the baler and the material being baled, so if you are looking for baling wire, tape or twine for cardboard, plastic or even tyres and a variety of other products you have come to the right place.

All our baling wire, tape, twine and compactor sacks are designed to fit most of the top manufactures balers and compactors.


Baling Wire has been primarily set up to supply new and existing customers with baling consumables. This can be compactor sacks, baling twine, baling tape, bale strapping right through to pre cut and looped baling wire, rewound baling coils or baling wire formers.

If you click on the twine and wire buttons to the left you will find a comprehensive list of the consumables we supply.



In the past we have supplied compactor sacks, baler wire and baling tape to the following manufactures equipment, Orwak, Thetford, Anchorpac, GG Compactors, Mardon Ram Pack balers, Pakawaste, HSM, Dicom, Sacria, Bergmann, Mac Fab, Kenbay, Ken Mills, Paal, Dixi, Austropressen, KK, Kenburn, Load King, Werner & Webber, Presona, Pottingger, Tony Team,

You can also see we are able to supply, maintain and service waste compactors and balers nationally. As an independent company we are in a position to offer a wide range of waste compactors and baler systems to suit your requirements, from a small factory or supermarket up to large industrial use, all at very competitive prices along with full service support. 








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